DimeTime Saver

screenshot of dimetimesaver popup screenshot of dimetime saver notification

This is a chrome extension I made using Javascript and HTML that calculates how much your time is worth. It will send you a reminder about how much your time is worth if you spend more than twenty minutes on a shopping website for basic necessities (e.g. Walmart, Target, Amazon), helping you find the right balance between saving money and your hourly wage. I made it because I tend to waste too much time hunting for deals.

chrome extension - code

Amateur garden

Picture of a small garden plot.

I maintain a plot in my community garden. I try to remember to water it. (Thankfully, the California sun takes care of the bulk of the work.)

Reminder alert to rest my eyes at my computer

Screenshot of notification on Windows computer that says "Time to pet Lola and look at the tree outside! It's important to rest your eyes.

I wrote a rudimentary script in Python to remind myself to rest my eyes every 20 minutes when I’m at my computer. This script will provide an alert on my desktop every 20 minutes with the message: “Time to pet Lola and look at the tree outside! It’s important to rest your eyes.” It uses a custom icon (a cartoon of my dog) and works on Windows. The custom icon is available for download, or you can use your own.